Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Verdict

Well we took the sewing machines (mine and mom’s) to the repair place in Palm Desert.  Seems their tech comes in only on Thursdays, now why don’t they say that in their advertisement?  Anyway, mom’s machine needs a tune up, about $89.00 and mom said it was way overdue for a servicing.  Mine, however, is TERMINAL.  It was a good 32 year run, old machine, but you are not important enough to me to spend upwards of $200.00 to repair you.  I would rather put that money towards a newer better machine.  As Carl would say, the ole singer would make a good anchor at this point.

The shop, of course had some awesome new machines, Bernina’s they were.  So mom and I get a demo of their highest end machine, it embroiders, it threads itself, it’s totally computerized with windows properties, has a gazillion stitches, and it even cuts the fabric..The Bernina 830

Ok, its fabulous, I covet, but not $12,000 worth!

Another nice model is the Artista 730 at about $8,000, aw drop in the bucket.

In reality, I am looking to spend less than $1,000 but would like a machine that does some embroidery, sewing and good for quilting..I am thinking I can find a nice machine for that..

I am going to look at the Baby Lock machines…they intrigue me..another option is craigslist..I don’t mind a used machine if its in great shape!

Ok so that is the story of the machines, I shall have a running machine by Friday of this week, I hope..I have aprons and a couple other project lined up waiting to go!


  1. Okay, I am officiall loosing it. I have been here and commented on one post. When I read about it on facebook, I went blank. Putting it on my favorites below your other one, so I can check back regularly.
    You know I think your aprons are wonderful and your selection of coordinating fabrics is impressive.
    Glad to read you will be getting your machine back. Don't forget to talk to me before you buy your machine. I love to give advise. LOL.

  2. Oh hi Beverly, I will let you help me shop..I wish I could get one of these beautiful machines but I just can't wrap those prices around my head unless I buy mom saw on craigslist someone selling two Bernina' was a Virtuso 150 and the other is Activa 145 and also the embroidery module for $500.I suppose that is a good deal, but I don't even have that right now.
    I know my having two facebooks is wierd..I even forget to look..
    I so appreciate your friendship...♥

  3. I am so sorry to hear that your machine broke down...right before the holidays too! I will keep you in prayer as you search for the machine that God has in mind for you...He always has something special He wants to bless with. :D

    I am a new follower...I would love to check out your aprons...I am making some for Christmas presents this year as I am learning to sew clothing after doing more home decor sewing...

    I look forward to getting to know you...and am praying for you and your painful illness. I am sorry to hear about your painful challenges.


    Mary Joy

  4. Hi Mary, oh thank you for following me..I pretty much stick right now with just two or three patterns, that way my ole brain works faster..I will have my mom's machine back on Friday I hope. in the meantime I can cut fabric out and be ready.
    If I can help you in any way,please let me know..I have a link to some free online apron patterns. check out and
    Thanks Mary Joy and I appreciate your prayers and will also offer you mine!


  5. Gee....wish I had bought that lottery ticket...then we'd go shopping!!!


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