Friday, October 29, 2010


#^$*(%# that’s what I said.  #@^&^^&*!  Ok so my oldie sewing machine, the fabulous Singer Stylist from 1978 conked out on me a couple months ago..something wrong with the needle and feed..I just kept breaking needles trying to fix it and those thangs don’t grow on trees, so needs to get to a repair mom lives close by and brought HER machine over, a newer Singer that have been using..until today.  I was humming along sewing ric rac onto the skirt of a Christmas themed apron, and bam.  it just slowed down and would not start up again…Carl took it apart, oiled it, etc..I have no idea what is wrong except now I have broken two machines.  Will take them both to a repair shop tomorrow morning and see which is cheaper to fix.  I can’t spend much 1) due to low finances here and 2) I plan to buy a snazzy machine probably after the first of the year sometime.  So looking for some prayer for both these fine machines that one of them gets up and running.  Oh me, oh my.

Here are a couple of machines I have been coveting

Ellure Plus

Baby Lock Ellure Plus



Baby Lock Esante


or a Bernina

Ok so I am dreaming..I can dream big..Truth be known, right now I just want one of my machines to work!

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