Monday, October 11, 2010


Here are a few more aprons I have made..I can make full sized aprons also, any fabric..I am amazed how many beautiful fabrics are available ‘out there’!  Whimsical, floral, animals, occupations, you name it..I dream in Technicolor, Technicolor fabric that is!

Thanks for looking..If you are interested in these or need something custom made I am offering the half aprons at $24.95 and full aprons for $28.95


My sis Cindy is a BEAUTIFUL model, don’t you agree?

fall apron


*dog not included, lol*

And some fabrics, ahhh..

IMG_3804 (2)

IMG_3805 (2)

IMG_3806 (2)


IMG_3807 (2)

these are just a few of the fabrics I have for aprons!  Thanks for looking!  And don’t forget my October Mary Kay Cosmetics special! - 10% off all purchases, plus I will donate another 10% of your purchase to the American Cancer Society to help fight Breast Cancer since this is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  Here is a LINK to my online website.


  1. Wow!! You do a great job on those aprons.

    Thanks for stopping and answering my question about the water on the cruise.

    I think I should of stuck with NCL...that is how we usually cruise but I got a great price. As my Hubs says. You get what you pay for.

  2. Good luck with this venture. Someday I may order myself a full apron that won't show stains. You should see the mess I make of myself in the kitchen...I'm worse than a 2 year old!

  3. most importantly - is that a dachshund??? i have two a smooth and a wire haired. i love those doggies. oh I love the paisely fabric. just adorable!


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