Sunday, November 14, 2010

On a roll..

Yes, I am..I have been sewing pretty much every day since the new machine is sooo nice, I’m kinda glad mine and my mom’s machines broke, lol.

I sewed this apron for my friend Anne who lives in Colorado, she is in an apron swap and not a seamstress, or at least that is what she thinks, so I said send me the fabric and I will whip it up for you.  Here is the final product:



Here is one for Thanksgiving and fall



AND, this is not a Christmas apron, but I have had this fabric for a month or so and I HAD to finish it..


Yes, that is Maxine..too adorable if you ask me!

And…this fabric is for my dear friend Shelly’s custom apron, it just arrived on Saturday from one  of my fave quilting shops Strawberry Patches in Bakersfield..I have never been to this awesome shop but my blog friend Suzanne is the owner and she carries so many fabrics and is a master quilter..Her fabrics are divine!


Ok until we meet againSmile

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