Sunday, November 7, 2010

Handmade Blog Party SALE!

I’ve joined up with By Your Hands -What Do You Have on Sale? today.  Here are just a threesome of what I have on hand to sell.  Normal price is $24.95 for the half aprons and $28.95 for the full aprons.  Today only I will sell any apron in stock for $21.95 for half aprons and $25.95 for the is what I have on hand ready to sell and ship..would make a great Christmas or Holiday gift!


Christmas, of course! – SOLD

A bit of spring!

Alice in Wonderland


How about some pretty senoritas?  So..which will it be?  Also, I can make custom aprons for can check here on my blog some of the fabrics I have online.

Thank you for looking, I love making these and hope they find wonderful homes!


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