Thursday, August 23, 2012

To Market, To Market with a Brand New Bag!

Market Bag  SUNSHINE

I love making aprons, but I have been trying to do some different kinds of sewing lately..I love this pattern for a Market Bag..It’s nice and big enough to go to the weekend Farmer’s Market and nice to be able to bring along your own reusable shopping bag!  I have also used mine on car trips to put all those yummy snacks in that we must have close by!  I can think of a hundred ways to use this versatile bag. It is also reversible! The pattern is designed by Keyka Lou.

Here are some pictures of a couple that I have made, one has the shorter handles, and the other I ‘tweaked’ and made the handles into straps for over the shoulder, its really a personal preference, I guess. 


or shoulder straps


Here is the great part, I am going to be custom crafting these, personalized orders.  I am going to post pictures of some of the coordinating fabrics that I have in my stash and let YOU pick what you want..These would be nice for a gift too, or sometimes you just need to have 2 of them..the finished size is approximately 14 inches deep and approximately 20 inches wide, a very nice size..  Like I said, these are going to be customized, so it’s up to you!

Pricing will be $22.95 per bag, or two for $35, plus $4.90 priority shipping.  I use high quality quilting fabric and each seam is double stitched for secure carrying.  We don’t want the bag falling apart while carrying heavy fruits and vegetables do we?!?!

Anyway, here are some fabric choices that are available..















Each market bag is custom made and will take a few days to complete the order.

These are just a few of the fabric combinations that I have, if I have any interest in Fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving or Christmas or Hanukkah bags I will be happy to find some awesome fabrics for those occasions!  Thanks for taking a look.


PS  I have priced all the hostess aprons for clearance in my ETSY shop..They are priced now at $12.95 plus $4.90 priority shipping..This is an awesome deal!

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